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Shockingly the worst only achieved a miserable score of 29 having failed to meet the standards in a combination of areas including animal welfare, milk quality, carbon foot printing, environmental management.In fact, on analysis, if a producer scored maximum points in the health index or carbon foot printing it is highly unlikely they would figure in the bottom 5%.But its up to all of us to get behind it, and give it a good go.The campaign has kick started on social media right now.

For those who appeal they need to be confident their inclusion in the 5% is temporary, and it doesnt happen again in 12 months time.This month sees the launch of a humorous - but actually very serious industry-wide dairy promotion campaign in a joint effort from Dairy UK and AHDB which will involve posters, digital advertising and social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram).So raise your glass to the all-new Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs!Those scoring in the top 5% have been allocated an extra 100,000 litres with the remaining literage to be allocated to a waiting list of new TSDG suppliers including young and/or new entrants.Each of the 700 TSDG farmers now has their own first years QVIS score out of a maximum 100, with the best in class achieving 89 and the top 5% averaging 81.

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At the time I commented it would result in opportunities for the best performing farmers and casualties in terms of the loss of their TSDG contract for the worst performers as Tesco keep the best and shed the worst.

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