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Some within the black community will say that the mannerisms of an educated BW are somehow more “white” compared to stereotypical urban poor BW mannerisms.

I personally don’t subscribe to this dialectic, but even if you do agree with it, the real distinction in WM/BW relationships is typically educational level, not the “whiteness” of her demeanor.

(including Heather Headley who is married to a wm.) This woman ranted on and on without a clue as to what she was talking about.

I almost sensed some racial animosity emanating from her post.

I got so angry when I read the garbage this woman was putting out there.White men are almost the opposite of that: they do not care so much about skin colour or hair - those who do apparently stick to white women - but they do care about the shape of the body and the features of the face. A university and post-graduate educated professional. I have been married to a BW for 13 years and, before my marriage, had a reasonable number of relationships with other BW.I know many other WM attracted to and/or married to BW.To me, this was a blatant attempt to prey on the fears and insecurities of bw everywhere.All of the gorgeous women at the top were on her list.

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I often wonder how ww would react if we were to say that bm only find certain ww acceptable or attractive. For every 'type' of ww, there are bm who find her attractive and desireable. It can be built as large as you like and you will become rich (IF) you stick with it. Did you know that you can purchase mobile homes from banks and finance companies for a fraction of what houses cost? To get started, contact banks in your area, and tell them you want to buy distressed mobile homes.

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  1. Instead, see it as a casual conversation between a man and a woman. But at the beginning, you’ll notice that older women give you “age objections.” Basically, they say stuff like, “You’re fun, but I think I’m too old for you. By jokingly disqualifying her based on age, you “flip the script” on her before she can say she’s too old for you. Then, you can “pull” her back in by saying something like: “It’s okay – I like you.