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I was actually surprised by this; I assumed, in her thirst for knowledge about my love life, that she would be thrilled at the opportunity to get both pictures and an entire written report about a date I went on.

But when I told her on the phone, she seemed worried.

That's a reality for users of Miss Travel, a dating website that offers jet-setters and wanderlusters the opportunity to search for love or companionship while away on vacation.

What if you had an entire long weekend at an exotic resort planned with a man or woman you'd never met before?

After giving her all the details — including the fact that we would have separate rooms — she got quiet and then asked, 'Carly… 'No, thank you, mother, I did not, much as it would have made a great headline to write 'I flew to Mexico to go on a blind date and my mother tagged along to make sure I didn't get murdered.'Luckily, she seemed to be the only one with this view, and even my grandma thought it sounded great — particularly when I told her the guy I picked was a Jewish doctor from Westchester, the gold standard as far as Jewish grandmothers are concerned.

The evening before I left, I stopped at a bakery to pick up some food for the next day.

I wouldn't want a guy to have any — ahem — expectations, and I'm also not the kind of girl who is partial to posing in bikinis on top of Corvettes for Instagram likes, which I assumed was the M. Miss Travel would fly both me and a guest of my choosing — from a roster of finalists they'd selected from their site — to a high-end Mexican resort to share a very long, and very unusual, first date.

Nearly everyone I mentioned my impending trip to was intrigued, impressed, or excited — except my mother.

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