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A key tool in testing and troubleshooting Data Destinations is ensuring that your team has a Problem Contact Email Address configured.

This is the easiest way to gain visibility to data destination execution failures; an email notification will be sent to the provided address.

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After adding or updating a Pronto Forms Data Destination, it is important to test it thoroughly before using it in production.

Salesforce has validation set on many of their fields -- an email field will only accept a correctly formatted email, and an integer field will only accept numbers.

Test filter rules by submitting forms in a test environment, testing all answers referenced in filter rules to determine if the rules behave as expected.

While some data destination configuration issues will become obvious when a form is submitted (like if the execution fails), other configuration errors may not be immediately noticeable.

Without thorough testing, these errors can make it into production before being spotted.

In the Destination Basics tab, toggle Activate destination to receive data records at this location to enable or disable the data destination.

[ top ] Ensure that any filtering that is configured functions correctly, and the destination only executes when you want it to.

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Hi all, lately I stumbled on an issue that took me a while to track down.

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