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If a teenage girl kisses another teenage girl, for whatever reason, and she finds that she likes it - then things can happen, and things can change.You've probably heard about Constance Mc Millen by now. District Court Judge Glen Davidson to intervene and reinstate the prom.She's the openly-gay high school senior who wanted to take her girlfriend to the high school prom at Itawamba High School in northern Mississippi. The judge ruled that although the school had violated Ms.But I have to wonder: Are there so many girl-girl couples out there because that's truly who they are - or because the guys are such losers? He implies that this figure has been generally valid over time, a finding which he acknowledges poses an as-yet-unsolved mystery for evolutionary psychology. However, studies published in the past twenty years have provided little support for this hypothesis, and have often directly refuted it, particularly for male homosexuals: it turns out that gay men are actually more likely to be estranged from nieces and nephews, which contradicts the predictions of Wilson's kin altruism theory: see for example Bobrow & Bailey 2001, also Rahman & Hull 2005.Leonard Sax MD Ph D is a physician, psychologist, and author of , Professor David Buss (University of Texas / Austin) asserts that "1 to 2 percent of women" are lesbian or bisexual ("What about lesbian sexual orientation? Popular accounts of homosexual behavior often suggest that these behaviors make evolutionary sense because the people practicing these behaviors make better aunts and uncles than heterosexuals do, a theory first advanced by E. (Nobody seems to have told the about this, as they repeated E. Wilson's 1970's hypothesis about homosexual men being better uncles, with breathless credulity, and no substantive mention of the studies refuting this theory, in a lengthy March 29 2010 feature in the NYT Magazine.) It's very difficult to estimate accurately the "true" proportion of lesbian or bisexual women 50 years ago or 200 years ago.

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There is no comparable crowd of young male celebrities rushing to assure us that they go both ways.

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