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“Cyber dating abuse” involves the use of technology to control, harass, threaten, or stalk another person in the context of a dating relationship and is described as an emerging challenge for today’s youth.

it is unclear whether cyber dating abuse shares similar detrimental health correlates as documented for physical and sexual ARA.

Forty-one percent of youth reported cyber dating abuse victimization, female more than male respondents.

Compared with nonexposed youth, abuse victims reported more sexual assault; female victims reported more contraceptive nonuse and reproductive coercion.

Eligible students interested in participating were escorted to a private area in the clinic for consent or assent and survey administration.

Because participants were receiving confidential clinical services, parental permission for participation was waived for minors.

The purpose of this study was to examine characteristics of cyber dating abuse and how such abuse may be associated with other forms of ARA, nonpartner sexual violence victimization, and sexual and reproductive health risks among youth seeking care in SHCs.Eleven SHCs in Northern California were randomly assigned to intervention or a delayed-intervention control condition.Subsequent to randomization but before participant enrollment, 3 health centers (1 intervention, 2 control) withdrew from the study because of changes in school administrators who would not allow the SHCs to participate in research.Recent research has shown that cyber dating abuse and other forms of ARA frequently overlap.Using a 3-state school-based sample of adolescents, Zweig and colleagues found that 26% of adolescents in dating relationships experienced cyber dating abuse and that cyber dating abuse was highly correlated with experiencing physical dating violence, psychological dating abuse, and sexual coercion.

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More female than male participants reported cyber dating abuse victimization (44.6% vs 31.0%).

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