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4 death, as the mother and daughter were famously joined at the hip.

, which features never before told stories of the legendary comedian using photos and notes from her famous friends. Because the book is so personal, the 49-year-old describes the creative process as "tough" and "emotionally difficult." She confessed: "I think her first question would be, ‘How many have we sold? I think she would be very annoyed that there are some [photos] in there from the early days — before retouching really became a standard operation and procedure."' ended recently on November 27, the producer is proud of "the fact that I helped create and I got to be a part of a show that ran for 22 years…

"Quantity matters even if it means you drive carpool once a week or sit and be bored at practices. I commented that in the letter Joan builds Melissa up instead of tearing her down.

And trust me, for a single, working parent, it's not so easy." Melissa describes her parenting style and her mother's as "involved, but not a helicopter." Melissa also emulates a certain amount of strictness that was a part of her childhood. We live in this crazy world with unattainable expectations. Melissa laughs, "If she [Joan] had been compelled to write the letter, it had been a pretty bad fight.

"I'm dating someone, which is terribly ironic, not necessarily in a good ironic way.

My mom always wanted me to be in a happy relationship with someone who was good and kind, and everything that a partner should be, and of course I didn't find that until after my mother passed.

"Quantity time matters -- there's something about being in the same space together...

and now especially with my son being 14, I definitely push for quantity, cause I ain't gonna get that much quality," Melissa quips. You do the best with what you have and that's got to be your watermark... Anyone who says they don't is full of shit," she laughs and goes on to say that her mother, "never understood people who didn't want to be their best self." -- one from her mother and one from her father after some rebellion during her teenage years.

(Crown Archetype), Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa Rivers delivers a tribute to her mom with a lot of life and a lot of laughs.

, Melissa details much of Joan’s guidance when it came to men, from letting him pay to always carrying breath mints. After Joan’s death last September, Melissa leaned on Rousso, whom she had been friends with for two-and-a-half years but never considered dating.

Yet Melissa thinks Joan would be more than pleased with her new boyfriend, L. “We had a very combative friendship,” Melissa tells PEOPLE.

“I talked to him before I left to go to New York,” Melissa recalls.

“And then finally when I made the decision that I was going to turn off the ventilator, I said, ‘I need you to fly out.’ And he did.” While her Jewish mother was always supportive, Melissa says Joan wouldn’t have believed she would fall for someone like Mark. “Which by the way, if me actually dating somebody Jewish didn’t kill her, I don’t know what would.” As for whether or not marriage is in her future again, Melissa says she is taking it slow. Our lives are crazy enough and then you walk into this situation.

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