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Whilst a chilled egg will take 5.5minutes to boil, if you do a test to determine comparative shelf life to fully bad state, you will find that the relationship is an inversely proportional line some eggs surviving bacteria free for 4 months.Bacteria cannot penetrate the membrane inside the shell it forms a total barrier to even viruses, this is how viruses in germ warfare are incubated and preserved; if it can't get out, then it also can't get in.And frozen eggs are edible for years after they are laid, but you might as well eat shoe leather!Eggs should be kept in a fridge as they need a constant temperature.I have used supermarkets in many parts of the world and have yet to see one where the eggs are stocked in a chilled condition.

I don't know about whether they degenerate quicker in the fridge, but it does make them more difficult to cook.A 3 minute egg for example, is cooked for three minutes providing that the egg starts at room temperature. Eggs left out on the counter don't last very long (a couple of weeks if kept cool), but they maintain a fairly high level of quality until they "go off".If it has been kept in the fridge, a 3 minute egg would turn out to be far too runny. Eggs stored in the refirgerator remain edible for a long time, but the quality deteriorates quite quickly.All eggs are liable to internal contamination as the last part to form is the outer skin. Really fresh eggs don't make good boiled eggs as they are hard to peel, so should I want to set some eggs aside to age for a week, where should I keep those?What about if you have your own chickens, and the eggs are fresh? Always buy fresh, free-range and,if your budget can stretch to it, organic eggs in small quantities. This is because the air pocket inside gets bigger as the egg deteriorates.

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