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The position for being the Emperor's favorite and being the crown prince is the most sensitive one.

A lot of people will try to take them down and do everything to bring them down for the throne.

If a "rumor" spread about Sungnyang not being a virgin when she decided to enter as a concubine and worst, have a child with a king from another country will definitely put her and Ayu in dangerous position - no matter how little that rumor is.

You may say that Wang Yu wouldn't spread that rumor, yes he won't but remember..companions wanted to keep that a secret from him but he still found out.

And even though she hated him enough that she wanted to kill him.

Every time he gets sad, she stares at him sympathetically.

Unlike if he will stay alive, then the whole thing will be questioned if a tiny rumor came out.

Although I do wish that Wangyu fell for Bisu and became happy at least...because I also believe that he deserves happiness, He was such a good person. Sungnyang grew up bearing hatred and thinking of nothing but revenge.

These are just small problems that probably even the emperor himself doesn't care about but she noticed them. Yom was the one who tortured her father and even if Ta Hwan didn't betray her, her father will still die and yet, the one she hated the most was Ta Hwan. because being betrayed by someone whom you trusted and cared for, will be more painful than those whom you didn't care about.Everything about the production of this film is truly beautiful and worth watching, from the script to the actors themselves, they truly gave an award-winning performance.My problem however was with the emperor( don't get me wrong I love JCW sooooo much!Yes, Tanashiri was the one who started all of that, but she was able to do all of that with the help of "rumors" if Sungnyang didn't help her, she would've died because of rumors.Maha was kicked out of the palace all because of "words" - from Sungnyang and a Nun who only "heard" about what happened.

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